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Top 5 Postcode Address Verification Tools in 2021

Postcode address verification tools are must-haves for e-commerce, enabling address auto-fill and postcode lookup features to save people time.

The effect integrating address auto-fill and postcode lookup has on cart abandonment is substantial, reducing abandonment rates by 10 to 20%.

Why do address and postcode verification reduce cart abandonment rates? Because a faster checkout means a smaller window for buyer regret. A faster checkout also reduces the number of checkout timeouts.

This article will look at the top five postcode address verification tools to give you plenty of options in your quest to improve e-commerce sales.

  1. AutoPostcode 

AutoPostcode is a WordPress plugin that integrates with WooCommerce via API, bringing auto-fill, postcode lookup and verification to forms.

Because it’s a plugin, AutoPostcode is an out-of-the-box address verification tool that requires no coding or development knowledge to use.

To get started with AutoPostcode, just create an AutoPostcode account, download/install the plugin, activate it, and go to Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Integration to configure it (the first step is inputting your access token).

AutoPostcode gives you 100 free verifications to trial it, and you can test the lookup feature for free using the postcodes AA1 1AA, AA1 1AB, AA1 1AD and AA1 1AE. Further lookups are offered with an affordable monthly subscription or an annual plan.

AutoPostcode uses the Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF) database like all the address verifications tools on our list.

AutoPostcode is one of the only WordPress/WooCommerce plugins of its kind, designed for all e-commerce stores. It’s easy to integrate and scalable.

  1. Arc en Ciel

Arc en Ciel offers a development kit for rapid addressing, supporting Windows DLL, Windows COM, Window .NET, Java, PHP, and Microsoft Dynamics. 32-bit and 64-bit versions are offered (code speak for how programs access memory).

In essence, Arc en Ciel produces software developers use to develop and create applications that utilise rapid addressing (e.g. shopping apps).

For in-house teams, the addressing software is called Address+. Address+ has both rapid addressing and postcode finding capabilities. Arc en Ciel opens their platform to developers for web use, enabling lookup services to be created.

  1. Postcoder (by Allies)

Postcoder is a data lookup, and form validation API developers can use to build forms that capture accurate addresses with automation.

With Postcoder, developers are tasked with building forms using the Postcoder API. Allies have guides to help you do this. It can be created in Node JS, PHP, JavaScript, React, jQuery, iOS Swift and C#, making it extremely versatile.

The Postcoder API uniquely supports both UK and Irish addresses using Eircodes, PAF and Multiple Residence data from Royal Mail, and ECAD data from Eircode. Again, this boosts its versatility beyond most other APIs.

  1. Data8 (PredictiveAddress and Postcode Lookup)

Data8’s PredictiveAddress and Postcode Lookup is an API for auto-fill address fields and postcode lookup fields. It’s one of the most widely used APIs of its kind because it’s one of the best, especially for custom applications.

We particularly like the intelligent type-ahead technology used in PredictiveAddress, which reduces entry time by 80%. The API is easily integrated with WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Salesforce, Unbounce and OpenCart. These platforms enable marketplace integration with a plugin, so there is no need for custom boding.

  1. Hopewiser

Hopewiser’s address validation supports UK and international addresses, making it suitable for e-commerce stores that ship globally.

UK validation is provided by PAF (Royal Mail), and the international feature supports 242 countries. The international support is the most extensive in the industry, giving Hopewiser a clear advantage for global e-commerce.  

Hopewiser supports Microsoft Dynamics, Sage CRM, Salesforce and WooCommerce, with pre-made plugins and APIs. Uniquely, Hopewiser lets you self-serve with cloud services or run standalone software in your own environment.

Like all the APIs on our list, Hopewiser is suitable for front-end and backend integration, so it can be used across your business.

Which is the best postcode address verification tool?

AutoPostcode is the best WordPress/WooCommerce solution because the plugin is ready to use out-of-the-box with minimal configuration. One of its key advantages is it automatically links to designated forms, enabling lookup across your website.

If you need an address/postcode lookup API for custom development, Postcoder by Allies and Data8’s solutions are tried and proven. Postcoder is particularly good, with predictive auto-complete and addresses with map coordinates.

The truth is that all the tools on this list are best of breed. You can use any of them to give your users a fantastic address/postcode lookup experience.