UK Postcode Lookup

AutoPostcode UK postcode lookup is a great solution for your eCommerce store that not only helps to reduce incorrect deliveries, but can also help you to capture the crucial marketing data to enhance your digital campaigns. 


Customer enters their postcode triggering an instant scan of our address database.


Your customer then starts to see the search results narrowed down to a matching list of addresses.


Finally, your customer simply selects their correct delivery address and checks out.


We are one of the cheapest providers of the postcode lookup API solution that actually maintains and updates address databases in real time.  

You can purchase a subscription from as little as £20.00 per month excluding VAT or you can create an agency account and purchase credits at your convenience if you have multiple websites. 

Have a Question in mind? Need help setting up?

We are happy to provide free developer support to implement the postcode lookup to your website.